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Learning how to wholesale houses gave us the cash needed to start flipping houses and buying rental properties. Which allowed us to build something enduring, transcending our own existence—one house at a time. Wholesaling provided a reprieve from the relentless cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Recognizing the precariousness of our financial situation, with the constant threat of financial ruin lurking just one paycheck away, we embarked on our wholesaling journey. Born without the privileges of a silver spoon, we understood the assignment to break the chains of generational curses. Our assignment was to build something that would outlive us, offering a lifeline to present and future generations. It's about leaving a legacy, a testament to our presence something that simply said we were here and we hope we made our mommas proud. It all started with wholesaling!


Making Money Wholesaling Houses?

If so, this course is for you.

We're not GURU's. We're active real estate investors who do this business day-in and day-out. We don't just sit behind a computer screen creating courses to sell you on how to do something that we no longer do. We put this course together out of NEED and not GREED. With the success of our TV Show "50/50 Flip" on Hulu, we were getting bombarded with requests for mentorship, training, coaching on how to get started in the business. As you know there is just not enough time in the day to get back to everyone. We did know we didn't want you to go through what we went through when we got started. Which is why it took us so long to put this course together!

This is not just a course, it's a vibrant community!

One thing we have learned is your biggest challenge is you most time.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A step-by-step system for finding, locking up, and closing wholesale deals.

  • Access to a private Facebook group and weekly Q&A sessions with Dedric & Krystal Polite themselves!

  • How to be a virtual wholesaler/investor and find off-market deals in any real estate market.

  • Training on how to look at a property with a "trained eye" and identify a deal.

  • Access to all of our systems, processes, contracts, documents, software's, calculators, and tools.

  • How to find leads and effectively market to them while simultaneously building your brand.

Who are the Polites?

Dedric & Krystal Polite are a self-taught duo in the realm of real estate investment, experts at assisting aspiring investors in making large profits wholesaling houses—all without needing a real estate license or a ton of cash. Their mission is to make real estate more attainable, recognizing that many individuals enter the field with the desire to escape the rat race rather than aspiring to to be real estate moguls. Instead, their focus is on helping people make an additional $5-10K per month and leaving a legacy for their children. Something that will outlive you.

As the visionaries behind Renovational Wealth Academy, Dedric & Krystal Polite have consolidated their wealth of knowledge into a comprehensive suite of coaching programs, services, and courses. In just a few years, this dynamic couple has established themselves as influential figures in the real estate sector. They are the stars of national TV series "50/50 Flip" on Hulu and A&E, showcasing their endeavors in buying, renovating, renting, and flipping houses. Beyond house flipping, they are strategically building long-term wealth by acquiring and holding rental properties, ensuring financial freedom through consistent cash flow.

What you'll learn

  • How To Find Properties

  • How To Market To The Properties

  • How To Pull Comps

  • How To Make Offers

  • How To Find Motivated Sellers

  • How To Find Hot Zip Codes

  • How To Analyze Deals

  • How To Find The ARV (After Repair Value)

  • How To Estimate Repair Costs

  • How To Build Rapport With Sellers

  • How to get properties under contract

  • How To Follow Up

  • How To Fill Out Purchase Contracts

  • How To Find Investor Friendly Title Company or Real estate Attorney

  • How To Find Cash Buyers

  • How To Fill Out Assignment Of Contract

  • How To Choose To Assign or Double Close

  • How To Automate Your Wholesale Real Estate Business

  • How To Set Up Your Company

  • How To Build A Team

In This Course You Will Learn How As A Wholesaler

You can get properties "under contract" with MOTIVATED SELLERS or OWNERS, do a mark-up, and then wholesale the property to an investor who will eventually sell it on the retail market, making you a hefty profit. You will gain an in depth understanding of what wholesaling REAL ESTATE is.

You will get Step-by-step instructions on how to close a WHOLESALE deal in 30 days or less. You will learn how to market to BUYERS and you will learn our marketing techniques that bring tons of MOTIVATED SELLERS. You will learn to AUTOMATE your business so you can focus on making more money. Lastly, you will learn how to build a TEAM for your business.

Within Our Community

we will walk you through each and every contract, line by line. This way you will truly understand why each line is there, why it's important, and what it can do for you.

You see, everything is there for a reason. Whether it's to help you get offers accepted, to control the deals, or to protect you from liability - everything has a purpose, and you'll be a far more effective Investor by knowing the ins-and-outs of each contract.

You just don't get this kind of hand-holding anywhere else. Where else are you going to get a full set of contracts that are proven, effective, and used DAILY to turn houses into money.

The answer is NOWHERE ELSE

PS: Here's a quick story... When we first started off, it took us about 9 months to get our first deal under contract and  over a year and half to close our first deal  - it's crazy to admit. Why did it take us so long? FEAR. We were still doubtful if this was going to work. We doubted ourselves, We doubted if we had enough knowledge to even get a deal to close. Simple as that. We went all in at this point by spending  100’s of of thousands of dollars on private coaches, mentors, masterminds. Something we want you to avoid.  Once we realized that, we had everything we needed and had contracts that we could use to control houses RISK FREE, we were off to the races and we’ve gone on to close more than 200 houses!

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